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Member Since: 2023

Akampa is a company that creates outdoor experiences in Mexico and around the world. Each experience is designed to inspire our community to create the world we imagine. We want more people to fall in love with nature and help us protect it.


Member Since: 2022

Stink Films is a creatively driven, global production company. Working with the world’s leading advertising agencies and brands, we create award-winning visual content. We provide an inspiring home for Directors, and have nurtured and represented a diverse roster of global talent for more than two decades.

Elite | Drafting & Design

Member Since: 2023

Elite is dedicated to producing quality shop drawings for curtain walls, storefronts, glass railings, awnings, and everything in between. We are experts in the field and we have a strong understanding of glazing components and how everything comes together. We utilize our working-relationships with these companies to ensure that the shop drawings that we produce are of the highest quality.


Member Since: 2022

Tools, inspiration, and knowledge to help create better cities. An architecture platform where you can discover projects, read about relevant topics in architecture and promote your work as an architect.

DRIM Agency

Member Since: 2022

DRIM generates sales for brands through micro influencers. It is a platform that selects the best influencers and then compares, analyzes, optimizes and scales your advertising campaign.


Member Since: 2023

OTIIMA is more than just a window manufacturer; it is a partner in creating exceptional and personalized architectural experiences.