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Our lobby is home to HAAB Café, an open and casual all-day co-working cafe with a focus on fresh, local cuisine paired with great coffee and high-speed internet.

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We firmly believe in the power of community and the incredible strength that comes from working together with our members to turn our ideas into reality and make this world a better place for all of us.

We are passionate about supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and ongoing projects.

José Chang

Founder & CEO Elite Drafting Services

Member since: 2023

“HAAB is a great place to come and get work done, socialize, and get recharged within a professional atmosphere. I like that I have everything in one place: a space to work, to meet new people, to have good food and coffee, and to engage in networking and wellness events.”

Edgar Ramos

Business Development Lead OTIIMA

Member since: 2023

“It’s very comfortable. Between the relaxed atmosphere, the incredible view of Amsterdam Avenue, the location… we like everything. The people are very friendly, whoever you meet, whoever you greet, the staff—everyone is very kind.”

Andrea de la Garza

Founder & CEO Pilou

Member since: 2022

“When you arrive in a community like HAAB, you can speak the same language and make use of the different tools that exist within the community to strengthen your project and your team.”