Cuéntame “Serendipity”

Serendipity is the art of finding something wonderful unexpectedly, and we all have stories of serendipitous moments – from a chance encounter on a bustling city street to a fateful […]

Sexico City

INTRODUCING “SEXICO CITY” ⠀ You’re invited to Sexico City – CDMX’s New blind dating show live at Haab Project, where Mexico City’s most eligible singles put on a blindfold and […]

Cuéntame – Summer Love

Cuéntame is a monthly English-language storytelling event that invites members of the community to share real life stories around each month’s theme. Stories are open to anyone and limited to […]

Cuéntame – “Confesiones”

El primer micrófono abierto de storytelling en la CDMX. Cada segundo sábado del mes nos reunimos para compartir historias reales sobre un tema diferente.

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