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We are passionate about supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and ongoing projects.

Michel Rojkind

Rojkind Arquitectos

Member since: 2021

Ya no quería tener una oficina convencional, buscaba una oficina colaborativa. Llegando a HAAB, nos hemos dado cuenta que podemos sumar y potenciar esfuerzos para lograr proyectos más grandes.

Dester Linares

Founder & CEO Yellow Post Pro

Member since: 2022

“It’s divine to work here: when I have a moment of stress, I go up to the terrace for a coffee or a mezcal, and everything improves. The collaborative culture of the people always results in very cool projects, and the events, whether social or innovative, are always very useful.”

José Chang

Founder & CEO Elite Drafting Services

Member since: 2023

“HAAB is a great place to come and get work done, socialize, and get recharged within a professional atmosphere. I like that I have everything in one place: a space to work, to meet new people, to have good food and coffee, and to engage in networking and wellness events.”

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We are passionate about supporting early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and ongoing projects.

DRIM Agency

Member Since: 2022

DRIM generates sales for brands through micro influencers. It is a platform that selects the best influencers and then compares, analyzes, optimizes and scales your advertising campaign.

Rojkind Arquitectos

Member Since: 2021

Rojkind Arquitectos is a creative studio of design, business tactics, and experiential innovation based in Mexico City. We are committed to creating designs that are not only innovative in terms of programming, adapting digital design to local craftsmanship, but also consider the impact they have on the people and communities they serve.

Pilou - Una Nueva Forma de Invertir

Member Since: 2022

At Pilou, we are committed to reducing the gender gap in the investment world by offering accessible, transparent and personalized products and services for women. We are a company committed to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.